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Buy Mercedes Performance Parts at RENNtech Middle East

RENNtech Middle East offers Mercedes AMG, Maybach and McLaren SLR performance parts in the GCC. We have locations in Dubai and Qatar. Buy the best AMG performance parts online across the region; including the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman. Below you will find some of our most impressive Mercedes Benz upgrades for cars like Mercedes AMG, Maybach and McLaren SLR. Including the option to buy a Meisterschaft Exhaust in Dubai, Qatar or anywhere else in the Middle East. We can even ship the parts direct to your local Merecedes service center. You can submit an order request through our online store or call us on +971 50 870 9484 to buy immediately.

ECU Upgrades

buy ECU Middle East

ECU upgrade, ECU Intermediate Upgrade, ECU flash, ECU remap, ECU tuning, Chip Tuning

RENNtech’s proprietary in house ECU upgrades are the gold standard when it comes to ECU remapping. Our ECU upgrades offer horsepower gains of up to additional 155HP and are developed and tested at our Research and Development Center at the world famous Nurburgring racetrack in Germany. Quality and safety are our main concerns. If combined with BMC Air Filters, RENNtech downpipes and a Meisterschaft Exhaust System power gains can go up even further with unbelievable sound to match. Call today on +971 50 870 9484 and buy an ECU Upgrade in the Middle East! read more


buy Downpipes online Middle East

Downpipe, downpipes with no cats, downpipes with cat-bypass, downpipes with cats

RENNtech’s proprietary in house built downpipes are hand made by welding artist of the industry. Using nothing but the finest stainless steel and only the very best 200 cell sport cats (catalytic converters) available on the market, RENNtech to date is one of the few if not the only company that goes the extra mile by having every single downpipe custom ceramic coated in order to reduce temperatures and thereby extending durability. Each downpipe is made to match up perfectly to the stock exhaust, each and every time because that is what quality is all about. Call us on +971 50 870 9484 to order a new downpipe read more

BMC Air Filters

order BMC Air Filters United Arab Emirates

Sport Air filter, Sport Air filters, BMC Performance Air filter

BMC Air Filters are the very best on the market, period. With increased airflow the engine can breathe better hence more power. If F1 cars are using them, that says it all. There is no better performance air filter for your car. Call +971 50 870 9484 and order a BMC Air Filter now read more

G-Wagon Performance Shock Package

G-Wagon Shocks from RENNtech Dubai

G-Wagon ride, G-Wagon suspension package, G-Wagon shock package, Suspension lowering, digital lowering module, springs, shocks, adjustable suspension

The all new proprietary RENNtech G-Wagon (W463) Performance Shock Package 2.0 Black Series is an absolute must for every G-Wagon lover. It enhances the day to day ride quality to levels never experienced before with full 6-way adjustability. It literally transforms the sometimes tractor like ride into a smooth and comfortable ride. Using only the latest and very best components RENNtech’s G-Wagon performance shock package matches the otherwise excellent qualities of the G-Wagon. The package consists of four 6-way adjustable shocks with external dampening reservoirs.  

Meisterschaft Exhaust

Meisterschaft Exhaust systems are available for a whole range of cars and models. Please check the configurator. The exhaust systems are hand crafted pieces of art and the EVC model lineup allow the user to change from silent to open mode via remote control. If you experienced a Meisterschaft exhaust system in person you will want one immediately, no ifs ands or buts about it. The quality, performance and unbelievable sound is just flat out spectacular. Buy a Meisterschaft Exhaust in Dubai or Qatar from our centers and we can ship to your local service center anywhere in the Middle East; including UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Call now on +971 50 870 9484 and buy a Meisterschaft Exhaust today!

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