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Akrapovic | Full Titanium Evolution Exhaust System | C197 | SLS AMG/GT

Akrapovic | Full Titanium Evolution Exhaust System | C197 | SLS AMG/GT

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Product Description

Akrapovič titanium exhausts are not just about appearances. Sound, weight, and performance are all part of the equation as well.

The Evolution system for the Mercedes SLS produces not only gains of 12 hp, but reduces weight by an incredible 27.3 lbs over the stock system! Soundwise, the system brings out the true character of the car featuring muffler bypass valves and Akrapovic wireless kit included with the system. The result is deeper and more aggressive than stock, but retains the trademark personality of the 6.3-liter AMG engine. The Evolution system is notably louder than OEM, but is still perfectly suitable for day-to-day driving.

The Mercedes SLS Evolution Exhaust includes the Titanium Evolution (catalyst back) System,  full carbon fiber exhaust tips/bumper inserts,  bypass valves and the Akrapovic wireless kit.

Hard Facts:

  • +12 hp
  • +10 ft. lbs. torque
  • 27.3 lbs. lighter than stock

RENNtech long tube headers are the perfect compliment to the Akrapovic Exhaust system, offering an additional gain of 20 hp & 20 lb/ft over the exhaust alone! Click here:

  • Note: The Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust system will not work with the RENNtech Sound and Performance Exhaust.


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