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Akrapovic Slip-On Titanium Exhaust System for 204 – C 63 AMG

Akrapovic Slip-On Titanium Exhaust System for 204 – C 63 AMG

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Product Description

The Akrapovic titanium slip-on exhaust kit replaces the stock mufflers from the axle back and comes complete with Akrapovic signature exhaust tips. The bezels for these tips are cast in our foundry from an exclusive blend of titanium. They will give your vehicle a distinctive look, setting it apart from the rest of the crowd.

Akrapovic titanium exhausts are not just about appearances. Sound, weight, and performance are all part of the equation as well. The Slip-On system adds 5 horsepower while at the same time trimming overall weight by a substantial 9 kg compared to the stock exhaust. Soundwise, the systems bring out the true character of the car. Deeper and more aggressive than stock, they retain the trademark personality of the 6.3-liter AMG engine.

Slip-On system, homologated:

* 2 titanium mufflers

* 4 titanium tail pipes

Hard facts:

* Plus 5 HP (at 5,830 rpm)

* Plus 12 Nm of torque (at 1,900 rpm)

* 9 kg lighter than stock

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