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RENNtech | Carbon Fiber Airbox | M157 | 63 AMG | 5.5L BiTurbo V8 Series

RENNtech | Carbon Fiber Airbox | M157 | 63 AMG | 5.5L BiTurbo V8 Series

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Product Description

Using the highest quality pre-preg carbon fiber, our 4-piece airbox kit  for the 63 series biturbo M157 engine comes complete with flow optimized turbo tubes to maximize engine performance by increasing the volume of incoming airflow.

The carbon fiber airbox was designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA using only industry leading materials to ensure long lasting durability and appearance.

Our carbon air box is able to offer gains up to +10 hp and + 10 lb/ft of torque, in addition to serving as an attractive under hood showpiece.

The Carbon Fiber Air Box kit includes a Set of 2 BMC high performance air filter.


  • +10 HP & +10 TQ

Please note:  Our airbox for the M157 will require modification to the OEM engine cover.


  • 218 – CLS 63 AMG BiTurbo
  • 218 – CLS 63 AMG BiTurbo 4-MATIC
  • 218 – CLS 63 AMG BiTurbo FaceLift (2015+)
  • 212 – E 63 AMG BiTurbo
  • 212 – E 63 AMG BiTurbo 4-MATIC FaceLift (2014+)
  • 216 – CL 63 AMG BiTurbo
  • 217 – S 63 AMG Coupé BiTurbo
  • 221 – S 63 AMG BiTurbo
  • 222 – S 63 AMG BiTurbo
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