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RENNtech | Performance Shocks | G-Wagon | X463 | 2nd Generation

RENNtech | Performance Shocks | G-Wagon | X463 | 2nd Generation

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Product Description

This is the second generation of the RENNtech G-Wagon performance shock system. As any G-Wagon owner knows, the vehicle is an incredible off-road machine, but suffers from a less than comfortable ride and lack luster handling when spending its time on-road. Our brand new, completely re-engineered suspension system is unlike anything else currently on the market for the G-Wagon

RENNtech has found the perfect balance between on-road comfort and off-road performance with our specially designed shocks exclusively for the G-Wagon. These shocks dramatically improve the daily driving comfort and handling around town without sacrificing durability.

Our performance shocks feature precision, six way adjustable compression, offering a wider range of adjustment and optimal vehicle ride quality. The turn of the dial on the externally mounted reservoir instantly adjusts ride quality to suit your individual preferences or performance needs.

Our high performance shocks are constructed of an aircraft grade aluminum body and alloy steel shaft for reliability in the most demanding of driving environments. An externally mounted reservoir makes shock dampening changes extremely easy and does not require the use of any tools or a lift.

  • Includes 2 front and 2 rear shocks
  • Precision six way adjustable compression adjustment
  • Allows for a more comfortable ride
  • External reservoir
  • Increased reliability and service life


  • 463 – G 500
  • 463 – G 550
  • 463 – G 55 AMG
  • 463 – G 55 AMG Kompressor
  • 463 – G 63 AMG
  • 463 – G 65 AMG
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