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Torque Converter Upgrade for Mercedes V8K- Lock-Up Clutch Upgrade

Torque Converter Upgrade for Mercedes V8K- Lock-Up Clutch Upgrade

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Product Description

While slippage in the torque converter is important under acceleration, this slippage becomes a liability once cruising speed is achieved. The lock-up clutch controls this slippage and creates a solid connection between the engine and transmission. If the load on the clutch is too much, slippage can occur leading to excessive heat and wear.

The RENNtech lock-up clutch upgrade uses a multi-element clutch upgrade with additional layer of friction material between the clutch plate, better friction material on the clutch face and a larger surface area of friction material to help control slippage. This allows for better heat management and increased holding power.



  • 215 – CL 600
  • 215 – CL 65 AMG
  • 216 – CL 600
  • 216 – CL 65 AMG
  • 220 – S 600
  • 220 – S 65 AMG
  • 221 – S 600
  • 221 – S 65 AMG
  • 230 – SL 600
  • 230 – SL 65 AMG (up to MY 2006)
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